What is the Difference between a Mini Lop and a Holland Lop?


^ Above left is a Holland Lop, and above right is a Mini Lop.


What is the difference between a Mini Lop, and a Holland Lop?

This is a very confusing topic to many people. So many times I have people email asking if we have any “mini Hollands” available, and there is no such thing as a “mini Holland”! Or people say they want a Mini lop, and not a Holland because Mini lops are smaller…..when in reality Mini Lops are bigger! It is a very common misconception.                                 

Some people just try to skip the confusion all together and simply ask if we have any “lops” available. That doesn’t help any, because then I have to ask whether they mean French, English, Velveteen, Mini, Holland or Fuzzy lop!

And who can blame these people? It is confusing. So let me clarify the difference, once and for all, between a Mini Lop and a Holland Lop.                    

                                               A mature Mini lop, compared to a mature Holland Lop below.


                                      A broken Chinchilla Mini Lop is on the left, and a Tort Holland Lop is on the right.

Holland Lops VS. Mini Lops

Mini Lops must be less than 6.5 pounds, and Holland Lops must be less than 4 pounds, according to ARBA standards. So Holland lops are smaller. They are posed differently, different personalities, different history, etc. They are two totally separate, distinct breeds. In fact, anyone who is familiar with both breeds will tell you they really don't have much in common aside from their floppy ears.

Hollands are posed in a more upright body position, while Mini Lops are posed lower, in a round, compact body position. Holland lops tend to by a bit higher strung, and curious in their personality type, where as Mini Lops are notoriously lazy and calm. (Both breeds can make excellent pets with the right handling!) 

So Where Did All This Confusion Start?

  "Why are the Mini Lops the ones called “Mini” if they are actually bigger?"  "Wouldn’t it make more sense if they called the smaller ones Mini lops, and the bigger ones Holland lops?".

This is usually the response I get when I explain the difference between Holland Lops and Mini Lops.

 Sometimes it makes more sense if you know where all the confusion really stems from: In the UK, Holland lops are frequently called Miniature Lops! You can imagine how that could contribute to a lot of confusion!

 So remember that, when reading books published in the UK,  or websites with .UK on the end of them.

Holland lops are also referred to as "Miniature Lops" in the UK.

But when in Rome do as the Romans do. So when you’re in the USA, please call the bigger ones Mini lops, and the little ones Hollands!

How Did They Get Their Names in the First Place?

You can better understand the whole thing if you know your breed history.   

Holland lops were accepted by the ARBA in 1979, and the Mini lops were accepted in 1980. Holland lops were developed in Holland. Mini lops were developed in California from stock brought over from Germany. 

Since the Holland Lops are from Holland it does makes sense to call them Holland lops.

Just remember it could be even worse! When Mini Lops were first exhibition at the ARBA Convention in 1974, they were known as “Klein Widder” .  How’s that for a name?

In Summary.......... 

Now does that help clear up the confusion once and for all? J

If you have any other questions about Holland or Mini Lops, you are welcome to drop us a line!

 To summarize:          

Mini lops = bigger, calmer, originally from Germany, accepted by ARBA in 1980

Holland lops = smaller, more active, originally from Holland, accepted by ARBA in 1979

Europeans = ignore (on the subject of Miniature lops, that isJ)


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