35+ Random Facts About Rabbits! 

1. Rabbits are not rodents. They belong to the order "lagamorphs". 

2. There are currently 48 rabbit breeds recognized by the ARBA....and many more that are not, or that are in the process of becoming new breeds. 

3.A Male rabbit is called a buck

4. A Female rabbit is called a doe

5. A baby rabbit is called a kit

6. Rabbits reach maturity at about 6 months of age, although they can reproduce as early as 3-4  months. 

7. A rabbit under six months of age considered a Jr., and a rabbit over six months is considered a Sr.

8.Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dusk or dawn. 

9.Rabbits have 360 degree vision, with their only blind spot being right in front of their nose. 

10. The gestation period for a rabbit is 31 days

11. Kits are born blind and hairless, and don't open their eyes until about 10 days. 

12. There are usually 4-12 babies in a litter, depending on the breed of rabbit. 

13. When a mother rabbit gives birth, it is called "kindling". 

14. Rabbit meat is considered "the healthiest meat available in the U.S" by the USDA!

15. Rabbit meat is higher in protein, and lower in cholesterol than beef, pork, chicken, or lamb.

16.Rabbits usually live 6-10 years in captivity. 

17.The oldest rabbit ever on record was a wild rabbit named "Flopsy" in Australia, who was caught on August 6, 1964, and died 18 years and 10 months later, in Australia. 

18.Rabbits  rely on their speed to escape from predators, and run bursts at 30-40 mph. 

19. Rabbits have 28 teeth

20. The normal temperature of a rabbit is 101-103 degrees fahrenheit.

21.A rabbit has 24 ribs

22.Rabbits have five toes on the front feet, and four toes on the back feet

23.There are 5 types of rabbit  fur: Rollback, flyback, satin, rex, and wooly.

24.Rabbits are raised around the world for pets, show, meat, fur, research and fertilizer production. 

25.A rabbits teeth never stop growing

26.Mother rabbits typically only nurse their litter once or twice a day, for only a few minutes each time

27.Rabbits cannot vomit

28.Rabbits eat a certain kind of their own droppings, called cecotropes.

29.Rabbits appear in many fictional stories, including The Velveteen RabbitBugs BunnyAlice in WonderlandPeter RabbitWatership Down, the Redwall Series, and Br'er Rabbit

30. In many cultures, carrying a rabbits foot is a superstition said to bring good luck, and this belief has likely existed since as early as 600 B.C among Celtic people.

31.Bunnies will thump their hind feet when they are frightened or alarmed.

32. The American Rabbit Breeders Association or ARBA, is the worlds largest group of rabbit enthusiasts, with over 30,000 members!

33. Rabbits are very intelligent. They can easily be litter trained, taught to perform simple tricks, and some rabbits are even trained to compete in rabbit agility, jumping over a course of obstacles. 

34. A rabbit carcass is 80% meat, and 20% bone. 

35. A rabbit will produce 5 pounds of meat, on the same amount of feed it will take a cow to produce 1 pound of meet. 

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