What is 4-H Pet PALS?  PetPALS is an intergenerational program created, and copyrighted by Ohio State University Extension, 4-H Youth development, linking young people and their pets, with senior adults.  Supported by the Iams Company, 4-H PetPALs was developed utilizing the natural bond between young people and animals to promote positive youth development.    4-H volunteers teach youth the skills needed to interact with residents in healthcare facilities, such as  assisted living and nursing home facilities, enhancing intergenerational relationships.  Youth learn about the physical changes associated with aging, as well as medical conditions they may encounter while visiting.  Applying the power of the human-animal bond, young people learn to train and prepare their pets so the youth-pet  teams can participate in animal - assisted activities.  Youth learn about animal behavior, animal handling techniques and proper pet care.   4-H PetPALS allows young people to be models for residents in healthcare facilities and the community at -large of the significance of human-companion animal interactions, as well as the importance of intergenerational relationships. 


PetPALS of Pottawatomie County:  PetPALS of Pottawatomie County is a 4-H club designed for the purpose of teaching 4-H members the responsibility of caring for an animal responsibly with the goal of becoming a  youth-companion animal team, obtaining certification through  the PetPALS training  program  to be a volunteer team at senior nursing home facilities. The certification program includes education on the specific needs and considerations of the elderly along with the responsible integration of animals in senior nursing facilities. 

For more information contact Kara Bugos, Pottawatomie County Certified leader of the PetPals program. H- 405-386-6677.


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