If we could only raise one breed of rabbit, it would be the Mini Lops! Out of all of our bunnies, these guys have the calmest personalities. They are a bit of a larger breeder, weighing about 6.5 pounds max. at maturity. But they are very gentle bunnies, and always the ones we recommend for families with small kids. Not to mention they are easy to raise and great mommas....we can always rely on them to foster babies and raise big litters!

We are very proud of how far our Mini Lop herd has come. We have several Grand Champions in our herd, and we are becoming more and more competitive on the show table with them. Our focus is on raising top show quality Mini Lops.

At this time we also have a few color projects going on, and we play with a few tricolors and chocolates in our herd.

We also have chinchilla, chestnut, black, opal, blue, siamese sable, REW, steel, oranges, frosted pearls, and more!

                                                                                                           Mini Lops


Bohn's Jeb - Chestnut Sr. Buck

Grand Ole Bunny Bunny Barn's Bro x Velotta's Lyric

Jeb is nice, deep buck, with a monster head. He is a grandson of Velotta's Twitch, who has over 60 legs!

Excited to use him in our breeding program. 

Reg. GC Wyatt's Rig - Broken Black Sr. Buck - 13 legs(!)  

 This gorgeoys guy is fantastic! Rig, or "Rigoletto" as we like to call him, as proven himself time and time again on the show table with 13 legs to date. He has many BOB, and even a BIS win!

He is such a sweetheart on top of that. We are thankful for the chance to have him in our barn. He is the true show quality Mini Lop, with a great temperament to match that we try to breed for.

As bonus, he also carries orange and shaded, so we sometimes can get fun colors as well.

 Bohn's KB2 Snowball - Sr. REW Buck

I really like this boy! Always gets nice comments at the shows.

Big beautiful head and really good depth of body.


 ^ABC Penny - Broken Black Steel Sr. Doe

Penny is one of my favorite does. She has such a sweet, calm personality. She was shown as a Jr. and got great comments from the judges. Unfortunately she went over the weight limit as a Sr., but she has thrown us some AWESOME babies. She is definitely a keeper.

Reg. GC Lawley's Milly - Chestnut Sr. Doe - 7 Legs

Parker's P37 x Who's WA2

Milly is a beautiful chestnut doe. Very correct, deep, wide, and just a good solid doe all the way around.

She is done fantastic on the show table, with several BOB's, and even a BEST IN SHOW!

Has 7 legs to date, and is now ready to raise some nice babies for us.

3/9/13 BOB in show B at Duncan

3/9/13 BOV in show A at Duncan

3/30/13 BIS at Skiatook RBA Show A!!!!!!




 Heavenly's Francine, AKA "Beatrice"  -  Sr. Doe  -   Black Chinchilla 

(Posey's Blue Boy x Hoppin's JK2)

Beatrice is a beautiful thick, solid, chinchilla doe.  Never got the chance to show her when she was young, but she is proving herself to be a great Mom.  Her babies are getting nothing but great comments on the show tables!



 Kristdala's Spicy Latte - Silver Tipped Chocolate Steel  Jr. Doe 

This young doe is only going to get even more gorgeous as she develops. 

Excellent, solid body type on her, and lovely coloring. Would like to see her crown/head pop a little more. Very excited to see how she shows. 

Kristdala's Angela - Pointed White  Doe

Bernard x Beatrice

We were pretty surprised when Beatrice and Bernard threw a pointed white in one of their last litters. She carries chocolate/shaded, and she has been a great brood doe for us.

ABC Krista - Solid Black Sr. Doe - 2 legs

Krista is a beautiful dark black doe. She is really well balanced little doe ,that I think will be just what we need in our herd.

Only needs one more leg to be granded!

BOB Skiatook Show B - 2013  - Open

BOG Duncan - November 2013


  Biker's Bunnies Macy - Harlequin

This doe is the start of our tri-color project. We hope to cross her with Rig ( who carries orange) to start raising some color, and improve type as well. She is a very friendly Mini lop, we love having her in the barn.

Bohn's Catrina - Broken Chestnut Sr. Doe - 2 Legs

Cute young broken chestnut doe, Catrina has an awesome coat and fur on her. She already has 2 legs! Mainly Velotta's lines.

 Kristdala's Maizey - Sr. Doe - Chocolate Chestnut Agouti

By Bernard, out of Beatrice.

This gorgeous doe has given us some beautiful babies! Definitely a doe that we will keep around for a while. She is a sweetie, too! 


Kristdala's Annabelle - Broken Opal Jr. Doe

ABC Penny x Wyatt's Rig

Annabelle is a sweet little doe. Really like her type, and she has a great personality. Hope to show, and then have her raise some babies for us!

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