Update 2/17/14 - All SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  After much consideration and deliberation, we have recently made the hard decision to sell out of all our Jersey Woolies:( 

This is something we hate to do, but it is the best choice considering the circumstances. I will be off to College in the Fall, so we need to dramatically reduce our herd. As much as I love my JWs, it will really make the bunny barn easier for one person to maintain if we sell out. 

I would prefer if these guys went to show/brood homes. We have invested a lot into this little herd, and many of them can still go on to have successful show careers and produce more good stock. 

We can work with you to make packages for trios, breeding pairs, or  even sell out the whole herd as a package if someone wants. 

Maybe someday we will be able to get back into this wonderful breed, but until then someone with more time needs to keep developing them. 

We have a few more babies in the nestbox that won't be ready for 6-8 weeks. 

Please call or email with any questions....we are very willing to work with people to arrange deals. Just really want to see them go to show homes. 

405-386-6677 or kristdala-farm@live.com


                                                                                             Jersey Wooly Bucks

  God's Glory Rango - Sable Marten -  Buck - 3 legs - $75 - PENDING!

This beautiful guy already has 3 legs, and is ready to be registered and "grand championed" at his next show.

Very beautiful color, good body, and wool on him. Very lucky to have him in the barn.


Schultz's SlapShot - Martenized Pointed White - $50 

DOB: 10/29/10         Backwood's Double Shot x Furry Treasure's FT44

This gorgeous buck made the long trip down from Michigan, and we sure are glad to have him in our barn!

He is awesome. He is very small, so makes a great cross on big broody does. He has a great head, great texture to his wool, solid body, small ears. His babies are always beautiful. He is martenized, so not showable. But we do get some gorgeous silver marten and sable marten babies from him! 


                                  God's Glory 'Nilla Wafer    -  REW  -  Buck   -  1 leg   - $60 - SOLD! Going to Texas, good luck to his new owners! 

DOB: 12/27/12        (Stout's EJ x 3R's Cupcake) 

This is a beautiful buck from God's Glory rabbitry! 'Nilla always gets good points for his wool, and nice big head. He has won several BOB's so far. He is a very sweet, and a proven brood buck. 


Backwood's Hayden - Broken Opal - 2 Legs - $75 

DOB: 3/18/11   Backwood's Marshmellow x Backwood's Brooklyn 

Hayden is a really cute buck, with so much personality:) We got him from Angi Sheets after at the 2012 Convention. 

You really can't appreciate him until you feel him... he has rock solid body type, big head, and great ear! He always stamps that on his babies.  He has proven himself on the show table, and I have loved all his babies. 

By far my best buck. He needs to go to someone who will use him and appreciate him. 

BOB 3/9/13 Duncan SCRBA Show B!

BOSB 3/30/13 Skiatook TRBA Show B!

                                   ^Sequira's DH1 "Pluto"   - Broken Blue Otter -  Buck - 1 leg - $60 - SOLD TO TEXAS 

DOB: 12/20/11   Sequira's Honeybun x Sequira's Daisy Chain 

Pluto is a lovely buck from Sequira's. He has wonderful wool, head, and is a natural poser. Has nice small ears, but they are set a bit wider then we would prefer. Has won several BOG's with limited showing so far. He has thrown us some beautiful babies.


                                      ^Kristdala's Penguin  - Pointed White - Jr.  Buck - $35 - SALE PENDING! 

   DOB: 12/03/2013    (Kristdala's Sophia x God's Glory Nilla Wafer )

This is a  nice little guy, developing great so far. Point color is still coming in, so I am not sure if he will be showable or not. 

Very sweet boy.

 ^Kristdala's Robin D Bank - Broken Black Silver Marten - Jr. Buck - $75  - SALE PENDING! 

DOB: 12/03/2013   God's Glory Rango x Kristdala's Katrina

I LOVE this little boy! One of my favorite rabbits we have ever raised, and he is NICE! If he develops like he is promising to, he will be a KNOCKOUT on the show tables. Love, love, love this little guy...............

Kinda heart broken to let this one go.......must go to an excellent show home! 

 Kristdala's Thief in the Night - Black Silver Marten Jr. Buck  - $50 - SOLD! 

DOB: 12/13/2013   God's Glory Rango x Kristdala's Katrina

This is a really typey young buck. He is going to be a fabulous show/herd buck for someone. Lot's of potential

 Kristdala's Teddy Roosevelt - Sr. Buck -  Chestnut - $45 - SOLD! 

DOB: 1/03/2013  BackWood's Hayden x Sequira's Wildflower

We knew this guy was going to be a keeper as soon as he opened his eyes! He went to his first show in Duncan this March, and the judges had nothing but good things to say about him! He has a rock solid body, great head and ears, and good texture to his coat. Fault him on density, but that could still come. 

Can't wait to see how this guy matures! He is a young buck still, and has a long show/brood career ahead of him. 

 Kristdala's Toasted Marshmellow  - Jr. Buck - Martenized Pointed White - $40

DOB: December 17, 2013      Kristdala's Ashey x God's Glory Rango 

This little buck is a cutie. Martenized, so not showable. Cute pet or brood buck. 

                                                                                                       Jersey Wooly Does 

                                                                  Kristdala's Milky Way Asteroid  - Blue Otter Doe - $45 -SOLD! 

DOB:  10/15/2013       Sequira's Pluto x Sequira's Creampuff

Asteroid is a beautiful blue otter doe. She has a really solid body type,  and a sweet personality.

She has now started going through her uglies, but she is still cute! 


Brodman's What A Cutie - Fuzzy Netherland Chestnut Doe  - 1 leg - $50 - SOLD! 

DOB: 4/01/2012  Brodman's MO (ND) x Brodman's D174 (ND) 

CJ is a really nice typed doe! Great head and wool. She won BOSB at Duncan at her first show.

So has thrown us some beautiful babies.

 Kristdala's Heart Breaker - Broken Blue Jr. Doe - $45 - SOLD! 

DOB: 12/03/2013    God's Glory Rango x Kristdala's Katrina 

This little sweetie has no nose markings, so unfortunately not showable:( But she will make a wonderful brood doe. She has great type and wool. 

                       ^Sequira's Wildflower "Wildflower"  - Black Otter -  Doe - $40 - SALE PENDING! 

DOB: 11/26/2011  Sequira's Zooluv x Sequira's Coneflower 

Wildflower has very tiny little ears, nice body,  and the sweetest personality a rabbit can have.

Good brood doe. 

She is our covergirl.....she is the one on the website homepage, our FB profile pic........can you tell how much we love her?



Sequira's Creampuff   - Ruby Eyed White - Sr. Doe - SALE  PENDING! 

DOB: 1/05/2012   Ashday's QT x Sequira's Whipped Cream 

This doe has easy-care wool, good thick ears, and great temperament. She is priced at only $15, because her past several litters she has scattered her babies on wire. Her first litter was fine, so we don't know what got into her. We have still rescued a few babies, and we do have two of her babies. They are nice. 

She will be a sweet pet, OR if someone wants to try to use has a brood doe again, we would throw her in for free "buy one get one" with another bunny. 

Kristdala's Katrina - Broken Sr. Doe - $50 - SALE PENDING ! 

DOB: 08/29/2012     Sequira's DH1 Pluto x Sequira's Creampuff 

These pictures do not do Katrina justice! She is a really beautiful, small, typey doe. Always gets great comments on the show table. 

She has had two litters of gorgeous babies, and was a great mom both times! Katrina will be very valuable in someone's brood doe band. 


Kristdala's Ashey - Sable Marten - Sr. Doe -$40 - SOLD! 

DOB: 12/12/12 Schultz's Slapshot X Nana's Lady Lenna

"Ashey" is a really sweet little doe, gorgeous color. She just had her first litter and did a good job:)


 Kristdala's Polly - Pointed White - Jr. Doe - $40 - SALE PENDING! 

DOB: 12/03/2013  Kristdala's Sophia x God's Glory Nilla Wafer

 Kristdala's Sophia - Sr. Doe - Frosty or Blue Point? - $45

DOB: 4/15/2013      Kristdala's Bosco x Kristdala's Katrina 

Sophia is a really nice typed doe, good body and wool on her. She is not a showable color......there is some debate as to whether she is a frosty or a blue point. Good brood doe.  

 Kristdala's Amorette - Sr. Doe - Chestnut - $60 - SALE PENDING

DOB: 4/15/2013   Backwood's Hayden x Brodman's What a Cutie 

This little tiny doe is one of our favorites! She has excellent head, ears, body, and the best wool I've ever seen on JW.

Unfortunately her feet were frost bitten as a baby, and she is not showable:( Bummer, because we think she would have made a excellent show doe. 

NOTE: Had her first litter on 1/31/14. She will not be ready to leave until they are weaned, or possibly as a package deal. 

She is our spoiled baby.......we will picky about who she goes to, if we let her go at all. 

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