Is a buck or a doe a better pet?


Usually, we recommend bucks.   In our experience, bucks are naturally a bit calmer and friendlier than does, which makes them easier to tame down. Does are more likely to be a bit timid, shy, or moody.

We like to think that is just because God made the does to be naturally more cautious and protective of their babies. Don’t get us wrong……most of our does are very friendly and total sweethearts.  But it is simply more likely for a doe to go sour than a buck. We have only had to deal with a small handful of rabbits with nasty attitudes…….but all of them were does!


^Pink or Blue? The Choice is Up to You!

I should mention the one con to bucks. Some of the bucks do spray. Just like cats that spray, or dogs that mark their territory. Although in our experience it is rare for bucks to have a problem with spraying.  Out of all the 20+ bucks we currently have in the rabbitry, only a few are consistent sprayers.  So it is rare to encounter this problem. Bucks are also more likely to exhibit "spraying" behavior if they are around does, or are used as stud bunnies. If they are a pet, with no females around, they are not as likely to spray.

Basically, don’t let gender be the primary choice factor……their are pros and cons to both bucks and does.

It is more important to consider the breed personality, how the rabbit will be handled and raised, their individual personality,  etc.

For instance, consider who will be handling the rabbit. If the rabbit will be for an adult, or older children, a doe will probably be fine. But since does don't put up with the "abuse" dished out by young children, you should probably go with a buck if you are buying a bunny for young kids.

Remember,  don’t agonize over whether you should get a buck or a doe to much……..whichever bunny seems to really pull at your heartstrings is probably the one your meant to take home!

 The choice is up to you!  


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