Holland Lops are a breed we just adore. There is no cuter bunny, and we enjoy their outgoing, active personalities.

After lot's of thought we have decided to expand our Holland Lop program.

We are breeding for show quality, friendly Holland Lops.

We also have a little color project going on, breeding for the gorgeous Blue Eyed Whites!


                              Holland Lops  

 Kristdala's Anastasia - Broken Tort Jr. Doe

This little baby doe is a keeper. Really liking her width of body and her bone. Also, she is a sweetie!

 Hartman's Addy - Black Tort. Sr. Doe

Addy has a beautiful little doe, originally from way up in Ohio! Great head and ear on her. Also a really good mommma:)

 Kristdala's Goldilops - Orange Doe

Goldilops is very nice young doe! Good type, and a sweet personality.

 D&A's Casper - Frosted Pearl Sr. Buck

Casper is an AWESOME Holland buck. He has super thick bone, great depth of body, and a big chunky Holland head! Throws some beautiful babies for us, and has a very calm, attention-loving personality.

He is everything we want in a Holland Lop!

 Lil' Bit Farm's M58L - Black. Tort Buck

This is a beautiful young buck from Lil' Bit Farms. We are excited to show him, and use him as a brood buck!

D&A's Oakley  - Black Otter Sr. Buck

Oakley is a super cute, typey, tine little guy. He is a booted broken, so not showable. Great little brood buck, and a very well loved/spoiled bunny in our barn:)


Quietcreek's H3118 Prince William - Blue Eyed White - Jr. Buck

Thanks to Quietcreek Rabbitry in Texas for letting us have this handsome boy!

He is a bit of a pickle to pose, but we are working on that;)

This guy is the starting buck in our Blue eyed white project.


Calico's Princess Kate- Blue Eyed White Doe

This beautiful young doe is the start to our BEW Holland lop program. She a beauty, and very affectionate


 EG's Russian Star - Blue Tort VC Doe

This doe is a Vienna Carrier, and hopefully we will get some nice babies out of her for our BEW program!

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