Teddy Guinea Pigs

We raise purebred Teddy Guinea Pigs. 

The Teddy Bear Guinea Pig is known for its natural and beautiful coat. Their natural habitat is from South America, and are considered more exotic than the average American smooth coat Guinea pig.   They make wonderful pets because of their wonderful coats, and the fact that they are docile, and gentle creatures which are relatively quiet as well. Teddy Guinea pigs are especially docile and very social by nature, which makes them very good pets for children. They are easy to care for and maintain because they don't require a lot of space although you do have to be sure that they have had a good amount of exercise ever day. Also, they do not require a lot of grooming at all which makes them quite an easy to care for pet to have around!

Teddy Bear Guinea pigs have roman noses, and also firm bodies with a broad crown. They have broad shoulders, and are popular for their bright, round eyes which makes them look adorable. Their most popular and well-known feature is their coats which come in a variety of colors and style. Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs have short coats that are springy in texture meaning that you do not have to groom them as often. Their furs are usually around 3 quarters of an inch long, and they have long curly whiskers as well. Furs separate the Teddy Bear Guinea pigs into two different groups. One of them has harsh, short fur whereas the other one has plush soft fur.

Teddy Bear Guinea Pigs should be washed as little as possible because they are prone to dry skin problems. It is significant and important to care for their skin because ultimately it comes down to their health in general; also dry skin will affect the texture and the quality of their fur.

Feeding the Teddy Bear Guinea Pig is not too hard. Their diets are relatively inexpensive making them an easy breed to take care for, and won't make you broke at the same time. Generally, the Teddy Beat Guinea Pig will feed on simple diets; however, to combat dry skin, it is recommended that you feed them sunflower seeds, wheat germ, calf manna, oats or sweet feed twice every week along with their normal Guinea pig food.  This will help take care of many health problems; thus, it is important to feed your Teddy Bear Guinea Pig well! Guinea pigs need a vitamin C supplement, we give ours a Vitamin C tablet daily, as they don't manufacture vitamin C naturally. They love their Vitamin C Tablets and will beg for them and take them right out of your hand! They love greens, especially Kale which is high in vitamin C, and spinach, tomatoes, carrots and as treats they love small slivers of apples!   Though not too many, sweet treats can make them too fat!

Many pet breeders will also choose to breed the Teddy Bear Guinea Pig because their coats are naturally pretty and healthy looking. Head and body shapes are generally what the breeders go after as well as texture of the fur and the quality of their coat.   The coat of the Teddy Bear Guinea pig will look different, and have a different texture and feel to it overtime. However, by five to six months, the coat that they have then will generally be the coat that they will have when they reach their maturity, and the coat texture will not change.

We fell in love with this variety of Guinea pig, and since it was so hard to find any breeders in our area, we now raise a small number of these amazing little creatures ourselves. 

Our Caviary is located in our home, so the Guinea pigs get a lot of "hands on" time, share in conversations daily, (very communicative little fellows), and are part of our critter family menagerie.   They love to boss us around by chirping and wheeking whenever they want vegetables, and know who is who amongst those of us who feed them, yes Guinea pigs have "favorite pics" of people in their homes.  They are very personable little peeps and love being groomed, fed, and loved on.

We use fleece to raise our Guinea pigs in, which make it simple to change out every other day, and the piggies love to make caves in their fleece. We use kiln dried shavings in one side for them to use for their business. Scroll down to see images of how we set up our fleece lined cages.  

They all have very unique and quirky personalities and are great with children! On occasion we have litters of pups but they don't last long. So please check back often so you don't miss them!  If you wish to reserve one we do have a running waiting list for Teddy Guinea pigs and will post which litters are next to be born. 

Right now we are waiting on an Shimmer X Nigil Cross, should be due around Easter! Were excited to see what color of pups she has, she is a great Sow and raises healthy, chubby pups!   They usually have 2 - 4 pups per litter.  

Each of our Teddies comes with a adoption papers and Pedigree if so desired.  We also carry a full line of Guinea Pig cages and accessories.  


Our newest litter of Teddie Guinea pigs! LOVE these colors! Jillian was HUGE, her first litter. She had four babies, the three with color are all boars. The only little girl is the Himalayan REW.  She is a sweet little girlie girl.  Trying to survive her three big brothers is a major accomplishment as she hides in under her mum, a little shy compared to the three boys!      Piggies will be ready to be adopted any time after 11/01/14. 

This is a tri-color (photo below) , looks just like Jack his sire.  He is ready to rumble!  He will be $25.00

Tricolor Sow (mother in photo above, - Sold to Janice 10/29 

This is the little princess (below)....she will eventually have darker ear tips and nose markings, going to be a Himi Rew, much like her great, great grandma Shimmer (scroll down)! Amazing how that comes down four generations later! LOVE her! She is a sweetie.  A bit camera shy!  $25.00 Might want to call her Tea Cup, as she is quite content to live in this cup! I think she is taking refuge from her brothers! She can give you what for and is quite the talker when she is perturbed! So cute! 

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REW Sow is sold to Janice. 10/29 

This is Turbo Tweed Jr., looks so much  like his grand dad! Little clone! I especially love his little white whiskers! Adorable! He is a ham for the camera! Chocolate and white, wonderful coat!   $35.00

This is the cutest little piggie we have ever had. He has all the colors, orange, brown, white, black, a little dazzling lightning streak across his left temple. He is GORGEOUS and is going to make an awesome Teddy Boar, very fluffy,crimpie coat. LOVE this fellow....might want to keep him! $35.00  Sold - Katelynn

This is Nigil, he is the boar who started all this Teddie fun in our corner of the world! Love him! Already sold!

 "Nigel"  - Gray Roan Boar - $50.00 Sold

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 "Mr. Turbo Tweed"  - Liver and white tricolor boar - he is for sale at $25.00,  a proven boar. Has sired some of our most colorful Teddies!

 "Izzie" - White/black/tan Tricolor Sow -  $35.00 Sold

 "Shimmer"  - Himalyan Sow - $45.00 Sold

  "Annabelle" - Black/tan/white Tricolor Sow 


                                         Guinea Pig Info 


Our Guinea Pig Cage's and Bedding: Many of our customers ask what we use for bedding for our cavy critters. We use fleece in the cages under the huts and around the huts, though in one end we put about 2" of kiln dried pine shavings over a layer of newspaper.  This is the end of the cage where we would hang the water bottle and put their feed dishes. We divide the area with an oven baked log, this is for them to climb along and to chew on. We put our logs in the oven on 350 for 10 minutes to kill any living insects that might have taken up dwelling in the log.  We also do this with  pine cones that we put in with our guinea pigs to play with and chew on.  

The fleece is removed every day and shaken out, laundered, so we have at least two fleece clothes per cage.  The fleece is usually folded over several layers thick.  Guinea pigs love it and will separate the layers and play in the fleece and burrow inside making little tunnels, cozy pigs.

Guinea pig huts are always placed in the fleece area, and at a lower level than the pine shavings with the log dividing them so they cannot push their huts onto the shavings. They might like to nibble on the logs. 

We keep their hay in wire balls hung along the inside of the cage, this helps the Guinea pigs to get exercise getting their hay and makes it entertaining for them as they work at getting it out of the wire balls. If you don't have wire balls you can tie an empty cardboard paper towel roll and fill it with hay to overflowing and tie it up into the cage so the pigs can just reach it, then it keeps the hay off the ground and gives them somewhat of a challenge to work on so they don't get board and get exercise.  As once they trample the hay they don't always eat it.    

In the summer months  Guinea pigs LOVE yard grass, just be careful that the grass is not treated or that neighbors who treat there's don't have chemicals blowing on to your grass. 

Below are a few photos of how we set up our Guinea pig cages


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