Cages and Supplies:

We now carry a full line of rabbit cages and everything necessary for your bunny. 

Above is a photo of our favorite Rabbit cage.  This is a spacious cage that features a roof that opens for overhead accessibility to your rabbit, and a large front door as well. It features a heavy duty side loading tray. Heavy gaged wire baked on enamel finish, a raised grid above the cage pan so your bunny stays clean.  It also has wheels on the bottom of the cage for easy moving from room to room. Nice to give you bunny a different view from time to time or to take in and out on nice day's.  Rolls very smoothly.  

Cages are $65.00

32 oz. Water bottles are $8.00

 1 & 1/2 Cup Rabbit feeding crocks are $4.00 ea.

3 cubic feet of Kiln dried pine shavings for the litter tray. $8.00


We offer a package deal with the purchase of a rabbit the following items: cage, water bottle, feeding crocks, all for 70.00, a  savings of $15.00!  Only available at the time of purchasing a rabbit. As long as items are in stock.




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