~  Around the Farm ~

       Enjoy a few photos from around the farm!

 These  are Johnpaul's prized British White cattle, a rare heritage breed that we are just beginning to raise. They are known for their gentle temperaments, valued for their dual purpose meat/milk production, and of course their striking white coats with black points!

 Let us introduce you to Shawn and Gus, two Nigerian/Pygmy goat crosses whose jobs on the farm include clearing weeds, causing trouble, looking cute, and generally just clowning around.

Raising hogs for show and meat purposes is a tradition that goes back over 60 years in our family. Right now we maintain a small herd of Berkshire and Hampshire pigs, and we sure do enjoy having a freezer stocked with healthy, natural, farm fresh pork!

 Of course we always have a variety of poultry free-ranging around the farm, including ducks and chickens. The chickens provide a huge benefit to the farm by controlling the fly and tick population, while providing us with tasty eggs for breakfast at the same time!

 The horses on the farm include "Peter Pan" (left) a buckskin pinto Mini horse who is the chosen mount of the grand kids and petting zoo pony extraordinaire. On the left is "Mocha" our brown roan mare who is the go-to riding horse, cow pony and trick performer!

 What farm would be complete without a few cats to keep down the mice population and cuddle with you on cold mornings?  Or in our case, maybe a few dozen cats! These two are Paisley and Ping-Pong.

 We can't forget about the "ranch security team", the dogs! Pictured on the left is "Tam" a young Aussie/Cattle dog pup in training, and right is "Maggie" the Lhasa Apso who runs the place. (Don't laugh, she means business!)

A few parting shots. A typical peaceful (haha) morning on the farm at right, and Jacob tilling up the corn patch on the right!

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