10 Reasons to Join The ARBA!
                            (American Rabbit Breeders Association)
                                                         By Mary Bugos




1. Each member receives 6 issues per year of the Domestic Rabbits Magazine! Each full color issue is chock full of rabbit related articles, from color genetics, nutrition, breed type and selection, etc. Not to mention reports from all 9 districts, breed specialty clubs, the President and other ARBA officials, member Q&A, COD updates, show reports, BIS listings, judging contest, I could go on and on! (Or maybe you'll just want to browse all the pictures of cute rabbits in all shapes and colors!) The DR magazine alone makes your membership worthwhile! 



Each new member receives a brand new issue of the ARBA Official Guide Book: Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies! This book has a variety of information and articles from many of the leading experts in the rabbit industry.  Ever wanted to know how to get your rabbit in tip-top show condition? How to select a qualtity rabbit? How to decipher good texture and density of coat? How to enter a sanctioned ARBA show? What "legs" are? How to treat common rabbit diseases? What the best housing is for rabbits? Breeding and kindling techniques? How to do different tattoo methods?

Just getting started and want to know what breed to choose? Learn to identify and learn the history of all 47 rabbit breeds? How to get involved with local club? Oppurtunities for Youth in ARBA? How to litter train your house rabbit? Pet rabbit facts? Or how about understanding color genetics once and for all!?
Well the ARBA Official Guide Book: Raising Better Rabbits & Cavies will answer all that and so much more!



3. Be eligible to register your Rabbits and Cavies! The ARBA maintains one of the most unique animal registration systems in the world, and is the only Rabbit Registry in America!

The ARBA's registration system is essential in maintaing the pedigree integrity of purebred rabbits in America.
4. Be eligible for the Grand Champion program! If you plan to show this is a must! The GC program is ARBA's way of rewarding and recognizing rabbits "of outstanding quality". 
If a rabbits earns a minimum of 3 legs under certain conditions, the owner can submit qualifying animals for recognition of Grand Champion status. A way for breeders to significantly raise the value of their rabbit, and prove the quality of their herd!
5. Are you a Youth ARBA member?
ARBA Members have the opportunity to participate in many different contests held yearly by the ARBA.
The Education, T-Shirt, Management, and Achievement Contests are held every year in conjunction with the ARBA Convention.....but even youth who cannot attend convention can still participate in these contests.
And, if your lucky enough to attend the ARBA convention you can compete in even more contests like Showmanship, Breed I.D, Judging, Quiz bowl, and the Royalty contest!
6. ARBA offers Scholarships! Another fabulous opportunity for dedicated ARBA youth members. Any youth who has been an ARBA member for 3 years is eligible to apply for the scholarship. The thousands of dollars ARBA pours into the education of it's youth members goes to show that they know how important each and every youth member is to the future of the ARBA.
7.  Be a part of the only organization of rabbit enthusiast currently at 23,000 strong! You will make great friends through the many connections ARBA has to offer. Through breeders, at shows, on-line, via the DR magazine, judges, registrars, etc...... you will have the chance to get know so many like-minded rabbit enthusiasts!
Some of best friends started out as "bunny friends", and are now friends we can call up and talk to even about non-rabbit related stuff. The rabbit community is a tight-knit one for sure.
8. Be eligible to register your Rabbitry with the ARBA.  ARBA members can officially register their Rabbitry with the ARBA, verifying their own, unique rabbitry name, and receive their Certificate of Rabbitry Registration.  Plus, they will be eligible to have their Rabbitry listed in the ARBA website along with all of the breeds they raise. This is great advertising for your Rabbitry!
9. The fee is quite nominal.  Just $12/year for youth, or $20 adult, with discounts for family, and 3 year memberships.
Just think.....for $12 or $20 a you are getting a 256 page illustrated book on raising rabbits, 6 Domestic Rabbit magazines a year, plus all the above listed benefits........What are you waiting for?! Find more information about joing ARBA here:  https://www.arba.net/join.htm
10. What I think is probably the best reason to join ARBA: Your membership supports the one-of-a-kind American Rabbit Breeders Association!
The ARBA is the voice of the rabbit industry here in America, and does so much essential work to further the cause of rabbit breeders, owners, commercial/hobby rabbit raisers, rabbits shows, and pet owners alike. ARBA is the voice that negotiates with the USDA and lawmakers on issues that effect the rabbit industry. ARBA is a voice that advocates proper care and responsible pet ownership to the public.
The ARBA has raised hundreds and thousands of dollars for their Research and Development Fund which benefits both rabbits and cavies alike. The ARBA donates scholarships every year to further the education of it's deserving youth members.
Your membership will support things like ARBA's Hall of Fame Library, the largest collection of rabbit related publications in the world - there are currently over 9,000 items and growing.
 Of course the ARBA also facilitates our show system, so that we rabbit show enthusiasts can continue to participate in the hobby we find so much enjoyment in.
 Without the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the rabbit industry here in America would not be half of what it is!
In the coming years we will need the continued guidance and framework that the ARBA provides.....if you love rabbits, join the ARBA!

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