"Kristdala Kritters Rabbitry (KK Rabbitry) ~ Raising Show Quality Rabbits With Great Dispositions".

Show Quality ~ Mini Lops ~ Lionheads ~ Holland Lops ~ Mini Rex   

Come to the country and visit our rabbitry and shop for all your rabbit needs at the "One Stop Bunny Shop", where you will find everything you will need for your bunny!     

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 About Us

Welcome to Kristdala Kritters Rabbitry!                     ("KK Rabbitry" for short)

We are very blessed to be nestled in the pristine Pecan Valley area of central Oklahoma in a 20 acre wooded pecan grove about 30 miles east of Oklahoma City.

We specialize in several breeds of rabbits.  Our favorites: the cute and classy  Lionhead Rabbitthe cuddly, floppy eared, mellow Mini Lopsthe chubby faced whimsically  adorable, tiny Holland Lops; and last but certainly not the least is the smart and devoted plush Mini Rex.

We strive to raise all our rabbits to closely match the ARBA "Standard of Perfection" - to be animals that will do will on the show table at ARBA rabbit sanctioned shows, or as 4-H project bunnies.

We also strive to breed rabbits that have friendly, calm personalities to make them suitable as pets. We handle all of our bunnies as often as possible to ensure that they are used to being around people from an early age.

All of our rabbits are healthy, happy, and well cared for.

Please enjoy browsing our site, and check out the "For Sale" page to see what rabbits are currently for sale.  

  If you have any questions about any of our rabbits please contact us.......we love talking bunny!

If your interested in our rabbits we can arrange for you to come out and visit our rabbitry in person. 

Thanks for visiting Kristdala Rabbitry on the web!  Check back soon as this site is updated often.


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 We are an ARBA registered rabbitry - no. D2370

Proud Members and Supporters of the American Rabbit Breeders Association!






This website was just launched on March 21st, 2012. So check back soon as we will be continually adding more pages, updating information, and adding new features.

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